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Mediation offers you a place to talk through your differences with clients, employees, family members, neighbors  and friends in confidential

sessions where the participants 

decide the outcome...and it's free to all county residents.


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Mediation is a process in which a trained neutral person, a "mediator," helps people in a dispute to communicate with one another, to understand each other, and if possible, to reach agreements that satisfy everyone's needs.

  • A mediator can help you to reach agreements, build relationships and find solutions that work.

  • In mediation, you speak for yourself and make your own decisions.

  • Mediators will not make decisions for you, provide any legal advice, or recommend the terms of an agreement.

  • Mediation can help protect your privacy since, unlike courtroom proceedings which are open to the public, mediation is a confidential process.

If your case is referred to mediation by the court or if someone suggests that you try mediation, it may be because:

  • Mediation may save you time and money.

  • Mediation provides an opportunity for you to say what's important to you and hear the other person's perspectives

  • Mediation may help you to figure out how to get your needs and the other person's needs met by reaching your own solutions that work for everyone. You have decision-making power in mediation and you know what your needs are better than a judge or jury.

  • Many business disputes, family conflicts, neighborhood issues and can be effectively resolved in mediation.

  • Even some criminal and juvenile justice cases are better handled in mediation than in court, especially if the people involved have an ongoing relationship.

  • Mediation may help you preserve or improve a troubled business, family or neighborhood relationship.

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CMCC Presents a Murder Mystery Dinner

by CMCC and Inspector Amy Lilly of Murder Mystery Events. All proceeds from this event benefit the Center and will help to continue to fund a range of free conflict resolution services and educational workshops available to all Calvert residents.

Tickets are $45.00 each and purchases must be made by Jan. 31. Don't wait. Get yours now!

You are invited to go behind the scenes of a Hollywood film set and try your hand at figuring out what really happened on that fateful night in 1949. 


Please Join us for some playful sleuthing, a delightful dinner and fun theatrical antics all for a worthy


The evening's performance will be held at Asbury Solomons' Riverview Room and is a fundraiser produced

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