The Center provides a variety of free mediation services, performed by professionally trained volunteers, that are available to the residents of Calvert County. We also partner with Community Mediation of St. Mary's County and refer cases there as is appropriate.


​We've come a long way since our early days in 2006 when we began offering our sevices in Calvert County. Since 2008, our exposure and services have greatly expanded to include:  District Court Peace Orders, foster care Child in Need of Assistance (CINA) mediations, family separation, parenting plan and property distribution mediations and reentry mediations for those about to leave the county detention center and rejoin community.  We also facilitate difficult community conversations and business and organizational development and strategic planning sessions.  We provide tailored presentations and workshops related to conflict resolution in a variety of settings. 


As a member of the Big Conversation Partners in Dismantling Racism and Privilege in Southern Maryland, we facilitate diversity/anti-racism workshops.  We remain deeply committed to building a stronger and more peaceful community.  We now have more than 20 active volunteer mediators and trainers supporting more than 150 mediations and numerous workshops and facilitations each year. 


The Center is recognized as a valuable resource across the demographic spectrum and is one of the most reputable, small not-for-profit agencies in Calvert County. We are proud to witness the work of a small dedicated group of volunteers who genuinely believe that by showing up, we are building peace in our county via mediations, partnerships, facilitations, workshops and trainings.

Two New Services!

Community Conferencing,

a restorative justice program


Independent IEP Meeting Facilitation

for schools and parents.


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Community Mediation

District Court Day of Trial

Parenting Plans and Child Access

These sessions can help participants resolve conflicts with family members, friends, neighbors, businesses, co-workers, and schools. Our mediators can also assist with landlord/tenant and roommate conflicts.

Our mediators are available in the District Court every Tuesday to assist with small claims cases referred by the judge. We can also mediate cases pre-trial to help avoid the time and cost of appearing in court.

These mediations can help separated, divorced or never married parents develop a plan for how they will share time and responsibility for raising their children.

Separation and Divorce Mediation

Child in Need of Assistance (CINA)

Facilitation and Organizational Development

Specially trained mediators will meet with both parties to help them develop a mutually agreed upon plan for separation and/or divorce and can include property agreements.

Mediators meet with family members and associated agencies to help develop plans for children in out-of-home placement. CINA cases are referred by the Circuit Court Family Services Division.

Our trained facilitators can assist organizations with facilitated discussions about internal conflicts, planning for future development or other organizational issues. We can also aid in group discussions regarding community issues and conflicts.

Sheriff's Department Citizen-Deputy MediationsOperation True Perspectives (OTP)

The first of its kind in the state, this mediation program is a different way of handling concerns or frustrations that citizens and police may have regarding their interaction with each other. Parties can benefit from face-to-face dialogue offering their different perspectives.

Maryland Commission on Civil Rights (MCCR)

Prisoner Re-Entry

Mediation services can be provided regarding discrimination complaints when referred by the MCCR.

This service is provided to Detention Center inmates and their families to assist in the inmate’s successful transition back into the community.