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Our Work

Restorative Practices and Circle Programs
for children, teens, and adults

group of people sitting in a circle

The Community Mediation Center of Calvert offers numerous group interventions that bring together community members for dialogue and exchange of ideas to support, repair, and build relationships.

Support Group

Community Conferencing

Community conferencing is a group process used to address and repair harm done in the school or community. Everyone involved in an incident meets with a trained facilitator to discuss what happened, how everyone was affected, how to repair the harm, and how to prevent it from happening again. Community conferences can be used as an alternative to disciplinary or criminal justice interventions.

Classroom Circles

Classroom circles help to develop a class community and address behavioral issues that affect the whole class. Circles help build a sense of belonging to students in the classroom.

School Children
Session in Progress

Dialogue Circles and Community Conversations

Dialogue circles and community conversations support interactive conversations among participants on important and/or difficult topics. A trained facilitator supports these conversations and helps the group listen to and understand the various viewpoints expressed. 

Support Circles

Support circles can help build resources in a classroom, agency, or community. A trained facilitator helps the group address difficult situations or transitions. 

Group Therapy

Group Facilitation

Facilitation is used to support an agency, workplace, or organization discussion. A trained facilitator helps the group decide what they wish to discuss, how to have the discussion, and can record decisions and agreements. 

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