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Mediation offers you a place to talk through your differences with clients, employees, family members, neighbors  and friends in confidential

sessions where the participants 

decide the outcome...and it's free to all county residents.


Mediation is a process in which a trained neutral person, a "mediator," helps people in a dispute to communicate with one another, to understand each other, and if possible, to reach agreements that satisfy everyone's needs.

  • A mediator can help you to reach agreements, build relationships and find solutions that work.

  • In mediation, you speak for yourself and make your own decisions.

  • Mediators will not make decisions for you, provide any legal advice, or recommend the terms of an agreement.

  • Mediation can help protect your privacy since, unlike courtroom proceedings which are open to the public, mediation is a confidential process.

What is transformative mediation?

If your case is referred to mediation by the court, or if someone suggests that you try mediation to resolve a conflict, it may be because:

  • Mediation may save you time and money.

  • Mediation provides an opportunity for you to say what's important to you and hear the other person's perspectives

  • Mediation may help you to figure out how to get your needs and the other person's needs met by reaching creative, customized solutions that work for everyone.

  • You have decision-making power in mediation, and you know what your needs are better than any judge or jury.

  • Many business disputes, family conflicts, neighborhood disputes, and one-on-one issues can be effectively resolved in mediation.

  • Even some criminal and juvenile justice cases are better handled in mediation than in court, especially if the people involved have an ongoing relationship.

  • Mediation may help you preserve or improve a troubled business, family or neighborhood relationship.

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Mediation and Intimate Partner Violence Online Training
Access videos at your convenience
Video links will be sent upon registration
Access videos at your convenience
Video links will be sent upon registration
An online video training presented by the Community Mediation Center of Calvert and the Crisis Intervention Center of Calvert.

Mediation Training 2020

Are you a good listener? Why not volunteer as a mediator? We are holding our next volunteer training this December, 2020 via Zoom. 

Call 443-295-7456 or email sheriatcmcc@gmail.com for more details and an application.


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